The Sealine Project – Iraq

The Sealine Project (Formerly known as the Crude Oil Export Facility Reconstruction Project (COEFRP)) aims to establish the reliability of the existing pipeline system infrastructure among main terminals of onshore Fao Oil Storage Terminal (FOT), offshore Al Basrah Oil Terminal (BOT) and offshore Khor Al Amaya Terminal (KAAT). SPM is installed to keep the same existing export volumes during condition check of an existing pipeline.

The intended purpose of the Project’s entire pipeline system is to provide a safe, robust, reliable, durable and cost-effective means of transmitting Oil from FOT to BOT, KAAT and Single Point Mooring (SPM).

The envisioned loading operation system requires as early as possible for normal operation; installation of a new 48 ” pipeline, two valve station platforms (VS1 at BOT and VS2 at KAAT) and one SPM loading terminal. The 48” new pipeline is to be set up at the new valve station VS1 and branched to the existing BOT Loading Platform-A and the new SPM loading terminal. Moreover, the 48” pipeline is to be branched to another new valve station platform VS2 to be installed near KAAT terminal so as to interconnect and permit crude loading at the KAAT with this additional pipeline route.

LYE’s scope of work is the design and installation engineering of the offshore pipelines, as well as procurement and construction.